Metrics & Reporting

Optimize Performance with Live Metrics & Historical Reporting


Live Dashboards

Queue, operations, and agent dashboards for optimizing your customer service team.

Historical Reports

Robust historical reporting for in-depth insight and coaching.

More Coaching Tools

Call Recording
Use recorded calls for agent coaching and watch customer satisfaction soar.
Call Barge & Whisper
Coach agents without customers knowing, or join the conversation
CSAT Collection
Collect feedback from customers to increase loyalty and improve performance

Everything In One Place

Integrated Knowledge Base

Empower agents with custom knowledge bases.

Metrics & Reporting

Optimize performance with Live Metrics & Historical Reporting.

View Conversations

Use call recordings for coaching and compliance with full context.
Enterprise Grade Security
Contacto maintains the highest level of data security
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Enterprise Grade Security
Contacto maintains the highest level of data security
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Understanding your support metrics has never been simpler.

AI Self-Service Chatbot

Resolve queries instantly with AI agents. Use your team efficiently.

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Support your customers in real-time.

Deploy an AI agent that is constantly accessible, compassionate, and reflects your brand'.
Use your expertise
Enable AI agents to make informed decisions by integrating your knowledge base, guided by your company’s policies and brand guidelines.
Take action, instantly
AI agents take care of customer problems - handling exchanges, updating and/or modifying information, tracking orders - reducing average handle time and increasing overall efficiency.
Escalate seamlessly
When AI agents cannot resolve a customer's issue,  equip your team to handle escalations effectively with notes and summaries.
AI agents are available to handle customers' questions any time of day. Customers can put the conversation on hold, and the AI agent can pick up where they left off.
AI agents are simple and inexpensive to update, whether launching a new product, promoting an offer, or communicating a new policy.
Make AI your own
Set guardrails to ensure your AI agent stays on topic. Ground your AI agent with your company's identity, policies, processes.
Empower your team with everything in one place
Our Agent App provides a single place to manage all omnichannel customer interactions - LiveChat, SMS/MMS, Whatsapp, Email and more - efficiently.
  • 360° customer context and interaction history from multiple channels in one place
  • Exchange a range of media to send images, video, audio, documents
  • Message templates, conversation transfers, internal notes & tasks to increase efficiency
  • Integrate customer info from your CRM, Helpdesk, Order & Payment systems for 360° customer context
  • Seamlessly switch between channels to resolve queries effectively and efficiently

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