Intercom vs Ameyo:
Which Is Right for You?

Explore how Intercom and Ameyo offer consistent, integrated customer interactions and boost agent productivity. But, Plivo CX, with award-winning voice capabilities, unified agent dashboard, and reporting offers a true omnichannel communication platform.
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Intercom vs Ameyo vs Plivo CX

Feature for feature, Plivo CX offers more comprehensive value for money.
Value For Money
Price (Voice + Chat)
Starting at
Starting at
No transparent pricing
Voice, SMS/MMS, Live Chat, and WhatsApp Business
Extra add-on
Upgrade required
Bundled Usage
Extra usage fees
Extra usage fees
Free Trial
14-day free trial
No trial available
Native Calling Platform
Powered by Plivo
Depends on unreliable 3rd party
Depends on unreliable 3rd party
Calling System Stability
99.9% Uptime
One-on-one onboarding
Extra add-on
Extra add-on
Extra add-on
Extra add-on
Core Features
AI Chatbots
Knowledge Base/FAQ
Seamlessly Switch Channels & Use Channels Simultaneously
Integrations with all systems
Includes pre-configured, and custom integrations
Only offers pre-configured integrations
Only offers pre-configured integrations
Custom IVR, Routing & Queues
but upgrade needed.
Self-service Chatbots
Omnichannel Agent Desktop with Integrated System Functionality
Real-Time Dashboards

Why Plivo CX is the top Intercom alternative

Pay for only what you need.

Sign up for the pricing plan with the features you need, and get a predictable, transparent bill every month.
Intercom offers bundled packages that come with a determined set of features. Add-ons and extras can mean surprise bills at the end of the month.

Manage multiple channels with ease.

Switch channels with a few clicks, and manage channels simultaneously to deliver true omnichannel service.
Intercom uses a 3rd party provider to switch from messages to voice, which leaves context out of the conversation.

Finally, get everyone on the same page

Collect all customer interactions in one place with the unified agent desktop to get a single source of truth.
Intercom is missing true omnichannel functionality - meaning data silos for your teams. 

Why Plivo CX is the top Ameyo alternative

Say goodbye to sub-par call quality

Plivo CX is powered by Plivo, which boasts 99.95% uptime. Be sure your customers hear you loud and clear - with every call.
“With Ameyo, the landline numbers often get marked as spam due to heavy calling, resulting in low connectivity.”
- verified G2 User

Manage multiple channels in one place

Switch channels with a few clicks, and manage channels simultaneously to deliver true omnichannel service.
Ameyo is limited in its ability to use multiple channels simultaneously.

Integrate your existing systems with ease

Plivo CX offers customizable API integrations, creating a seamless exchange of data across all platforms and systems.
“With Ameyo, there is limited compatibility to connect with our in-house desk software.”
- verified G2 User

Save 50% Compared to Intercom with Flexible All-In Pricing

Exceptional customer service doesn’t have to be expensive.
Voice, chat, SMS, & WhatsApp
Self-serve knowledge base/FAQ
Unified Agent Desktop with omnichannel conversations
Basic Routing & Queues
Basic Reports
Preconfigured Integrations
24/5 Support
Book Demo & Start Free Trial
Includes everything in Growth, additionally:
Customizable Chat Widgets
Custom Chatbots
Canned Responses
Advanced Routing & Queues
No-code flow builder
Live Monitoring
Book Demo & Start Free Trial
Preconfigured Integrations
Official Partner of Salesforce, Zendesk, Freshdesk and Zoho. Pre-built integrations bring data and functionality into the Plivo CX Agent Desktop.
Secure and Regulation Compliant
SOC 2, Privacy Shield, CCPA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA
Powered by
Enterprise-grade platform with 99.99% uptime, ranked #1 in customer satisfaction on G2.

We work where you work.

Get simple, no-code integrations to ensure two-way data exchange, and simple workflows connecting to your helpdesk software, CRM, order management, payment, and other business systems. No more toggling between different platforms - Plivo CX brings it all in one.
Custom Integrations via API

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